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Unorthodox *nix command (ab)use

Legendary sysadmin Tom Limoncelli has a post on making use of Unix commands in unorthodox ways – the more * | cat example for listing file contents with the filename as a header in between each looks especially useful:

Even smarter is that when less is emulating more instead of producing "the big mess" it acts like cat but outputs little headers for each file.

$ more * | cat 
Once upon a time
there was a fellow named Jack.

Now that "trickle down economics" has been
tested for 30 years and the data shows it
has been a total failure, candidates
still claim that cutting taxes for
billionaires will help the economy.
Jack went to market to sell the family

He came back with a handful of magic beans.

Isn't that pretty?

The sure is pretty.

Via Hacker News.

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